My Daily Journal



My Daily Journal is a visual treat, but its far more than just eye candy.  Whether you're looking to keep a daily journal or just a way to store password protected notes, My Daily Journal is the perfect solution for writing down your thoughts and keeping them secure. The simple yet full featured design makes journaling effortless and fun.


All users have access to a set of features listed below under All User features.  All updates and future upgrades to our product features will only effect those using iOS 5 and above on their devices.

Features for iOS 5 and later:

Dictation Support for capable devices currently only on the iPhone 4S and the new iPad.

Categories - you can now tag each entry and put in a category.  Once you press the search icon, each entry will now be listed in the desired category.

Page Turning - enhanced page turning animations

Twitter Integration - Share your entries via twitter.

New Paper and Cover Options giving the user a lot of different paper/cover combinations to choose from.

Features for iOS 4 and later:

Password Protection - choose a password as simple or complex as you like.  Setup is simple and once set, the journal locks automatically whenever it's closed, your device goes to sleep or you switch to another application

Automatic Saving - Entries are saved after every keystroke, so you never have to worry about remembering to save or losing your entry

Multiple entries per day - make as many as you like

Make entries for past dates...or future ones -  Sometimes it's nice to be able to select the date you log an entry under.  My Daily Journal allows you complete freedom to change the date and time of any entry in a simple and intuitive way.

Sharing - sometimes you may write something that you wish to share. If such an occasion comes up, sharing is available through mail. 

Export - PDF Exporting of the entire journal's text is supported  via mail

Backup & Restore - Backup and Restore via DropBox.  This feature can also be used as a manual sync process between devices.  Be sure to backup on the device you are using and restore on the other before writing again.

Add Background Photos - Add a photo as a watermark image for an entry for additional inspiration and personalization

Search - Search by date on the built in calendar, or by words in an entry

Custom Fonts - Choose from dozens of custom handwriting inspired fonts specially selected to add yet another layer of realism to this journaling experience. Select a font to be the default of or choose a different font for every entry .

Custom Covers and Paper - Choose from 7 different cover colors and 7 different paper styles for a combination of nearly 50 different looks  for your journal.

Landscape Text Entry - We offer landscape text entry on all iOS devices.