My Daily Journal

“Not the one to try a journal...tried it. Love it. What else would you need/want in a journal? ” - Carlos Bates

Recently ranked  #1 journal for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

“I have downloaded about fifteen diary-journal apps and this is the one I like the best.  ” - Margarita Torres

“This app has many great features, for all it's simplicity of style, and I love your font choices! What drew me was how the app was made to look like an actual journal, though it's not the first to do so, it's much more beautifully done.

” - S. Ting

“This is by far the best journal/diary/planner app out there. It has a wonderful, clean layout. The password protection is wonderful.... There are tons of font styles, and you can choose a different one for each entry. There are cool background styles, and if you don't like those, you could choose a picture from your phone instead. It's great! Well done :)” - Lily- Pads

“I love this app, it helps me want to write in my journal. I love the paper, the style and my favorite is the different writing style.”  - roirdan

“This is an amazing way to keep all my private thoughts and daily events. Lovely presentation, and well thought out.” - Janet Randon

“Thanks!  Looks to me u have the best journal app on iPhone. ” - Weiler Jones

“Awesome I love it. I never pay for apps but, I paid for this one! ” - Shawneca Beckum

“Thanks for this app. I have been waiting for something that feels like a real journal. I love that I can change the paper and background.....The ability to post to Facebook or send via mail options are simply awesome.” -  Tequilla Girl

“I've tried a couple of these journal apps, but I really like this one. “ - murigius